Tri-Nomic Proposed Ruleset

Essential Rules

I. All players must abide by all rules currently in effect, in the form in which they are in effect, but exploitation of loopholes is explicitly permitted.

II. Should two or more rules conflict, Essential rules shall take precedence over Important rules, which shall take precedence over Colorful rules. In the case of rules with the same code, the rule with the lower number shall take precedence.

III. If a dispute arises, a Judge shall be chosen ramdomly from those players not involved in the dispute. The Judge's ruling may be overturned by a 2/3 majority of players.

IV. All rules shall be coded Essential, Important, or Colorful. The change of an Essential rule shall require an unanimous vote; of an Important rule, a 2/3 majority; of a Colorful rule, a simple majority. Initially, all rules shall be coded Important. The proposal of a new rule shall include its code. The change of a rule's code shall be an amendment.

V. A rule change shall consist of the addition of a new rule, the deletion or amendment of an existing rule, or the renumbering of the ruleset. Renumbering shall require a unanimous vote of all players.

VI. PLayers shall alternate in alphabetical order by last name. New players shall take their turns at the end of the sequence on their first turn of play, and in the normal sequence thereafter.

Important Rules

I. A turn shall consist of a player proposing a rule change, the discussion of that proposal, the voting on that proposal, and the assignment of points if any.

II. After a proposal is submitted, there shall be a 48-hour discussion period during which the proposer may alter hir proposal as sie sees fit. At the end of the discussion period, voting shall begin on the most current form of the proposal. Voting shall continue for one week or until all eligible players have voted.

III. A player may vote for or against a given proposal, or may abstain. Failure to vote shall be recorded as abstention. A tie vote shall fail. A vote shall be counted as unanimous if all non-abstaining votes are the same.

IV. Quorum for votes on rule changes shall be 50% of eligible players.

V. A player whose proposal passes shall receive one point. If a proposal which does not require unanimity receives it, the player shall receive one bonus points.

VI. The first player(s) to reach 100 points shall win the round. When a round is won, a new round immediately begins with the next player in sequence taking their turn first. The ruleset retains its state.

VII. Conditions for winning the game may be set during play.

VIII. Players may discuss their votes before voting.

Colorful Rules

I. The proposal of a new rule shall include a title. At the beginning of hir turn a player may submit a proposed title for an existing, unnamed rule. The proposed title shall be voted on independently of the player's rule change proposal; if the title passes, the player shall receive one bonus point.

Copyright 2001 Carrie Schutrick