The English-Erone Dictionary

To make it easier to look up words you need meanings for.
I                               ale
across                          gavla
afraid                          kashen
amount                          zimle 
and                             o
angry                           trevi
author                          dovate
axe                             givose
balanced, calm                  doni
beat, pulse                     rabe
bear                            berse
bell                            dine
blind                           holdi
book                            dove
breeze, light wind              naillé
breezy                          nailli
brick                           anbuve
car, automobile
cat                             mirané
chaos                           shane
chaotic                         shani
child, direct descendant        minthe
child, youngster                resse
city                            amrof
close to                        liji
common, typical                 dlushi
common cold                     kothothe
completely, throughly                   brariu
counterfeit, imitative          ani
to deserve                      santher
divided                         drazi
east                            tebé       
fake, false                     an-
fast                            fori
five                            pil
four                            skef
for no reason                   coviv
from                            noka
funny, amusing                  beni
god                             shashré
good                            davi
goodness                        dav-
handsome                        listi
happy                           cadi
having                          asp-
head                            lipré
heart                           rabaze
"homesick"--see note            brori
how                             buth
however                         eko
how much                        tuv
human                           baizine
if                              to
in, inside, within              sec
in no way                       ruziv
innocent, naive                 normi
jealous                         pami
language                        erone
law, rule                       kozune
like, as                        fer
Lord (usu. God)                 Agleno
masked                          linni
mortar                          bulithe
never                           memiv
meow                            mire
more                            sagé
most                            sapé
musical                         rai
name                            hamej
no (adj.)                       ivi
no one                          ceriv
none                            zimiv
nothing                         jebiv
nowhere                         regiv
now                             azdam
old person                      folde
on                              kosh
one                             voc
parent                          kore
person, sentient being          eronate
place                           regice
plain, grassland                gindé
plush                           ebligi
powerful, commanding            ogami
professor, teacher
reason                          cove
rich                            hasdi
sad, forlorn                    wersi
secret                          dugri
seeing, sight                   bele
seven                           rev
sick, ill                       jeni
silly, ridiculous               nimigimi
six                             af
snow                            kifrethe
so that                         decev
stone                           buve
stubborn                        kari
tar, "made-sap"                 andeke
that, that one                  bruc
the                             lea
theatre                         andre-
theatrical                      andrei
then                            cam
thing (generic)                 jebe
three                           me
time                            mimuzé
bake                            pesiket
to be                           then
to be advisable that            biten
to build                        thinen
to descend                      sampet
to do                           cuvoblen
to eat                          kriter
to fall                         ellen
to fake                         ananen
to fear                         karet
to feel, touch                  teder
to find                         sothwen
to fuck
to give                         thener
to go                           maset
to go out                       aziler
to have                         asper
to have sex                     catrazet
to hold                         teren
to hurry                        foren
to jump                         filet
to know                         cannen
to lie                          ontonen
to like                         messen
to look                         formet
to love                         relanet
to make                         anen
to make love
to meow                         mirer
to move                         letet
to need                         diben
to own                          waren
to play with fire               cizet
to ring                         diner
to see                          belet
to sell                         thelen
to settle, colonize             greten
to speak, say                   hivet
to stop                         imbet
to touch                        lozer
to use                          lonset
to want                         apren
to write                        dovet
to, towards                     as
tower                           athode
toy                             brosane
two                             saf
unhappy                         lairi
virgin                          jole
wanting, desiring               apr-
way                             ruze
what                            griv
when                            tev
where                           dwul
which                           kur
who                             dwom
whole, entire                   egli
why                             si
world                           anfé
sun star storm eat supper breakfast meat milk cheese chair seat table pencil pen lightening thunder horse cow pig goat chicken bird eagle robin plant corn flower rain