Sentence Structure

The basic sentence in Eroné has the order SOV. There can be an optional indirect object added before the direct object; if so, it must be indicated with the dative suffix -(u)d:

Kari lea mirané terues--Carrie held the cat.
Kari Shanud lea mirané thenues--Carrie gave Shawn the cat. (At which point Shawn had an allergy attack and died, but we don't need to go into that. ;)

Sentences containing relative clauses use the pronoun dem at the beginning and end of the clause. Note that the relative clause is an entire sentence with a pronoun replacing boy, and that it goes immediately after the noun it describes:

ale lea ressod dem ale belut fo dem lea mirané terues--I gave the cat to the boy who I saw. (I the boy who I saw him the cat gave)

Yes-no questions are easy. If you're wanting or expecting the answer to your question to be "yes," add the particle zic to the beginning of the sentence; if you'd rather it were "no," add zin:

Other questions get more interesting.